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by denr region xii on 2017年8月3日

hello, i would like to ask if it is possible to use 1 ddns service for 3 pc with different internal ips but with the same port, they are connected with the same network, here are the details:


I've already added them to my routers PORT FORWARDING.

the problem is i cannot remote them using different ISP using the windows remote MSTSC.MSC

please help..
thank you..

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Post Re: Remote desktop for 3 PCs behind the same network
by jefferymbz on 2017年8月3日

You can set up port forwarding from different external ports to port 3389 of the internal IP addresses of the 3 PSs:

External port 3389 to (PC 1) on internal port 3389
External port 3390 to (PC 2) on internal port 3389
External port 3391 to (PC 3) on internal port 3389

In fact, you only need one hostname since all 3 PCs are behind the same router with the same external IP address.

This way you can access PC 1 using your hostname, PC 2 using your hostname plus port 3390 and PC 3 using port 3391. There is a tutorial that can help.

Please note that the port forwarding needs to be set up in your router and you should not use port forwarding feature in the 'Web Redirect' section in the Dynu control panel. If you have port forwarding set up for the hostname in the control panel, you should disable it. Dynu port forwarding is for port 80 only, and it is for users whose ISP blocks port 80 to host website on an alternative port.

Once you set up port forwarding for a hostname with Dynu, the hostname will no longer map to the external IP address of your router, it will point to Dynu port forwarding server.

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