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by Thomas Kenny on 2015年12月2日

Ive been using the service for some time now with ddclient running in Ubuntu to handle updates to the IP address.

I recently setup point to point vpn in my pfsense router (to which the machine running ddclient is connected). What happens is my ddclient ends up updating the ip address with the one given to me by my VPN provider. I can tell because I can log into this site and change the IP back to the one provided by my ISP and then I can get to my website again.

So first here is my ddclient config because if I can get it working right, maybe I dont need pfsense.

# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf
# /etc/ddclient.conf
use=if, if=eth0
use=web,, web-skip='IP Address'

So the issue is that if=eth0 is returning the VPN given IP when I want the ISP given IP. Is there an easy substitution here?

Over on the pfsense side (I'm on 2.2.5 since things seem to break in pfsense) I looked at this:

I filled it out as shown with the same username and password I use in the ddclient config above. For "Update URL" field I was confused but I assume its

If I save and force update, the IP address shows as The logs say
"phpDynDNS: (Error) Result did not match."

If I empty the "result match" field (which should say "good" according to the link) then force update the IP address shows as the correct IP and the pfsense logs say:

/services_dyndns_edit.php: phpDynDNS: (Success) IP Address Updated Successfully!

But it never seems to actually update on the dynu side of things.

Anyone seen this? Suggestions? does my username need to be "" instead of mylogin? I am using the Custom type for "Service type" as shown in the link above.

Thanks for any advice. It seems like everyone else is having an easy time.

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Post Re: Problems with pfsense/ddclient
by thomasrbogtc on 2015年12月3日

I had better luck using this:

Its possible the original way was working too, but pfsense is kind of cagey about when it actually sends an update. Anyway, I used the SSL option to update all domains even though I only have one. I didnt fill in the user name and password boxes anymore either.

It seems pfsense only really sends the update when the WAN address changes or once every month or something, so to verify it was working I told it to monitor the LAN address and switched back and forth between it and WAN and I could finally see the changes happening here on the dynu website.

Hope this helps someone

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