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by gsinoara on 2015年7月24日


I'm using the dynu.com but I can't make the port forwarding work.

What I'm trying to do is listen to a mpd httpd stream over the internet.
If I open the bar.dynu.com:port address on a browser it works nicely, but forwarding foo.bar.dynu.com to port (on dynamic IP) doesn't. Any ideas?


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Post Re: Port Forwarding not working
by timothytw on 2015年7月25日

Please note that port forwarding(also called HTTP redirection, port 80 redirection) works for port 80 only. It forwards the traffic coming onto port 80 to an alternate port.

Also, some browsers do not support web redirection cloaking, which may cause the web page not to load.

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2024年7月12日 12:48