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Topic: Port 80 is my internal Modem

Post Port 80 is my internal Modem
by David Lambert on 2015年10月13日

The dynamic dns does now work to my homehostedwebsite however it is directing people to my modem as my modem is netgear it is running on port 80 and for some reason not allowing me to port forward to my static IP within my computer along port 80 any suggestions on how to change this dyndns to send to my computer on a different port

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Post Re: Port 80 is my internal Modem
by timothytw on 2015年10月14日

You can use the 'Port forwarding' feature in 'Web Redirect' section to redirect traffic coming to port 80 to an alternative port of your choice. For more information, you may refer to https://www.dynu.com/Resources/Tutorials/DynamicDNS/Advancedfeatures/WebRedirect

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