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by rryen on 2020年12月9日

I need to send email texts from different machines to email or text addresses.
What do I need for this? I am currently using gmail account to send the email but recently no ports are not working with gmail. I purchased a website from you (autecemail.com) and full service email with email setup of remote.autec@autecemail.com.
I tried to just text remote.autec@autecemail.com from my phone of 7049048996@tmomail.net but that doesn't work either. However, I can email from another email account.
I am using a computer to send out messages when a fault occurs and the setup involves setting DNS server IP addresses = (which I tried to use my new website of, outgoing smtp server = smtp.dynu.com, port = 25, 26, 2525, 587, or 465 (which I have tried each one but all fail), authentication = my email address above and my password for the email address. SSL on.
Why would I not be able to send emails/texts. Thanks, Rick Ryen.

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