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by jonmcclay on 2018年11月25日

MY GOAL: I want to be able to run a VPN on my Mac Mini while being able to screen share remotely.

I want to confess that I am a toddler on the playground with Tonka trucks who is trying to understand combustion engines.

I have a Mac mini at home that I am using as a server. I am using a service called ProXPN to protect my browsing. Their product may be the wrong answer to my journey.

PREVIOUSLY: I ran parallels desktop with OSX, that ran the VPN and managed content...I believe this to be a wildly cumbersome and silly answer (there has to be a better solution...).

I have successfully set up DYNU and I am thrilled. When I activate ProXPN on the Mac Mini, my connection remains steady as long as the screen sharing session is kept open.
AFTER 15 minutes, if I try to log in with my DYNU address on a different device using home IP, or IP from ProXPN, I cannot get access.
My phone that is still accessing the Mac Mini, shares the screen perfectly. I can disable the VPN and after 10-15 minutes start screen sharing from other devices.

Any suggestions for what I can do to fix this? New VPN service? Adjust settings?

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