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by williamsonc on 2019年8月26日

I'm trying to gain web access to my LAN http server. My internal access to the Server works great.

I've established and service with Installed and configured ddclient. Status is active, seems good. Set up port forwarding with dynu AND my router both forwarded to port 83. Both port and DDNS seem to be working -- When I key in my Domain or external address they both resolve to (port 83), my current internet IP. But the port is blocked. Have tried other ports (default) 80 and 81, 83. All are blocked.

Keying in my Domain or both show "Unable to Connect". Still blocked from my server.
No idea how to resolve. Please help. Thank you.


Other Info: Raspbian OS for the server is set default to NO firewall. Proxy is off.

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