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by Michael Somerville on 2015年7月28日

I am currently using your DDNS service to host my web site and email internally. However, I now need to move my website to a hosting service, but I also wish to continue to manage my own email. So my question is, how do I configure the DNS records to allow email to continue to be pointed to my personal IP address, while www traffic is directed to my site hosting provider?

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by timothytw on 2015年7月29日

There are two options:

1. You can create an alias record for www to point to your hosting provider IP address in 'Aliases' section in the control panel.

2. You can sign up for dynamic DNS service for mail.somertech.com at https://www.dynu.com/ControlPanel/AddDDNS and point it to your home IP address and point somertech.com to your hosting provider IP address.

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