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by Buadhai on 2021年7月9日

Mac Update Client Version 4.3.1 (0)

If I'm using a proxy or VPN on the Mac, the Mac Update Client uses the proxy/VPN IP address instead of the "real" IP address. This is not helpful as I cannot use the proxy/VPN address to log in to my LAN from a remote location.

For example:

Here's my real IP address:

MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ /usr/bin/dig +short

Here's the IP address that your client used to update my domain:

2021-07-08 12:17:14 IP address update initiated.
2021-07-08 12:17:14 Updating IP address for username Buadhai.
2021-07-08 12:17:29 Server response: Good
2021-07-08 12:17:29 [good] IP address updated.
2021-07-08 12:17:29 Current IPv4 Address:

And here's the result:

MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ dig +short

This is not useful because the IP address is not routable. If I try to connect to my home machine from outside the LAN it fails:

pi@raspcondo:~/webcam $ ssh -p 10000
ssh: connect to host port 10000: Network is unreachable

pi@raspcondo:~/webcam $ dig +short

But, if I use what I know is my real IP address, I can connect:

pi@raspcondo:~/webcam $ ssh -p 10000 mnewman@
Last login: Thu Jul 8 12:12:58 2021
MrMuscle:~ mnewman$

How can I stop your update client from updating my domain using a proxy/VPN IP adderess?

Mike Newman
Korat, Thailand

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