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Post How to configure DDNS for my domain
by br8bruno on 2020年9月10日

Hi there,

I am trying to configure DDNS for my domain hosted with GoDaddy.
I created the account and registered my domain to the Dynu account and I was asked to use the NAMESERVERs from Dynu on my domain host.
By doing that however, I loose all my DNS records from GoDaddy. I suppose I have to register my DNS records with Dynu, but I dont know how.
Could you please help me with that?

I would like to explain my motivation a little bit, maybe you guys can help. I am coming from an ISP that provided a FIX IP to one that does not. And I run an Email server from home. So I am trying to use DynDNS to overcome loosing the fix IP.
The A-Record from GoDaddy does not allow to enter a DynDNS domain (e.g., it has to be an IP with numbers. That is how I came to Dynu and I am trying to get the DynDNS to work.

The automatic update of the IP on Dynu is already running. I now need to link my domain with Dynu.

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Post Re: How to configure DDNS for my domain
by xiaoye on 2020年9月10日

Go to the control panel DDNS Services page. Click on your domain name and configure the DNS records in the DNS Records section.

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2021年10月27日 4:02