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by jperconte on 2019年12月23日

I'm hosting an Email server at my home for my camera system, as most ISP/email services are either blocking port 25 and/or require MFA. Before I complete the transfer of my DNS to you, I would like to confirm DYNU can forward in-bound email to a different port other than port 25. I'm ok with paying for a small service fee for this service.

Thanks James

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by cristobalhdez on 2020年1月3日

I have my "mini" mail server hosted on a rock64 (rasberry pi clone) and my ISP is blocking port 25.
I'm using dynu email services to forward all my smtp requests to port 26, then on my router I have a rule to forward those request to the port 25 on my rock64.
Everything is working properly.

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2024年6月21日 3:26