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by KiwiNFLFan on 2020年8月21日

Hi, I'm setting up a home server using Traefik and Docker, with Dynu handling the dynamic DNS for the domain names. In the docker-compose file, it says to put a list of your DNS provider's IP addresses so that the server knows to allow them access. The example I'm going by uses Cloudflare, which has a list of IP addresses here.

I found this post on the forum from 2016 which listed the Dynu IP addresses, but I pinged all 6 nameserver addresses and none of the IPs are the same!

What should I do? Put the IPs from the forum post in my docker-compose file, put the results of the pings in, or are there a set of completely different IPs that need to be included in the file?

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by xiaoye on 2020年8月29日

You can use this DNS lookup tool to lookup the IP addresses.

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