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by shareeef on 2019年3月31日


I am new to DDNS, I want to map my dynamic ip address to my own sub-domain. I created subdomain at my provider and listed dynu's name servers there ns1.dynu.com to ns12.dynu.com

I configured my router to update the ip address for that subdomain. I was able to do the DNS lookups in Other category and specifying the name servers from ns1.dynu.com to ns12.dynu.com

But the dns lookup is not working for other servers including "Dynu". I am unable to resolve my sub-domain in any name servers except for ns1.dynu.com.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Why my sub-domain is getting is not propogating?


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Post Re: DNS Lookup Failing
by shareeef on 2019年3月31日

Is there any tutorial on how to setup a subdomain hosted at other provider? Thanks in advance.

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