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by moejoedoe on 2018年2月18日

Hello everyone


Rasberry PI --> Internet Router Telekom Speedport --> Internet
Forwared port on Router to RAS: 55100

I've created an an DDNS Request from my rasberry pi with an update Line:


The update itself Works the correct ip Address will be queried.

When someone tries to connect over this Port it doesn't work

I've also an other ddns Provider and these one works.

So what i have to change ? or may the constellation above doesn't work with your service ?

best regards moejoedoe

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Post Re: DDns address is not reachable
by timothytw on 2018年2月23日

Your domain name needs to be using Dynu name servers below:


If the name servers are not changed, the IP address of your domain name may be updating correctly in Dynu's system but not over the internet.

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