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by SkilledAlpaca on 2020年10月28日

Hello forum people and helpers!

I'm struggling quite a bit here on how to setup DDNS on a sub domain only. I work as IT Engineer but Networking has never been my strong suite and I'm currently transitioning into a Project Management role away from IT Systems Support, so please bear with me.

Anyway onto my issue. I'll be using
as an example here. Say I own
and I want it to point to main service or off site host, a search engine at IP
. Then say I'm personally hosting
at home with an IP of
. I want allow people to connect to my storage site on a different port at
that would be pointing to

My current Registar doesn't allow me to point custom Name Servers to sub domains so that option doesn't work for me unfortunately. The current Name Servers I have set are

I have setup two DDNS services on Dynu, one for each domain (
), pointing at the IP's I need them to resolve too. I have then setup a SRV record on
as follows:

Node Name: storage
Type: SRV
Port: 49000
Target: email.google.com

When I run a MXToolbox SRV lookup for
I get "DNS Record not found" from ns#.dynu.com and then running a DNS check on the same site, it pulls the IP of
google.com @
. Did I configure something incorrect here or am I just not understanding how the routing is working.

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