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by Nahaki Agency on 2015年9月8日


i recently started using your service and i was fiddling around at first and i got it to work perfectly and now i don't know what has happened but the DDNS sometimes fails to update and even if it does it won't connect to RDP.

now if i use direct IP address it'll connect with no hassle but that's not what we want is it.

i'd be glad if you could help me out in this,
Best regards,

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by timothytw on 2015年9月9日

Could you please let us know what client software you are using to update IP for your hostnames?

You can do nslookup yourhostname.dynu.com in DOS Command to see if the hostname is mapped to your current IP address. If it is not mapped correctly, then the IP for the hostname is not being updated.

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