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by Lukaka on 2021年12月11日

Hi there support and forum members,

I have an enterprise server running on an A1 ARM compute CPU.

I can update IP addresses using the raspberry pi instructions located here:

However, I would like to update a group so that I dont have to make a script for every domain and subdomain. Is updating groups on arm linux possible?

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by Lukaka on 2021年12月13日

This support ticket was given by the staff:


Thank you for choosing Dynu!

You can assign different group names to the domains and subdomains (aliases)
in the control panel at [1]​. Then
you can use the
to update the hosts that belong to the particular group.

We are continually working on making our services better and your feedback is
very important to us. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions,
please contact us at:

Support: [3]
Facebook: [4]
Twitter: [5]

Best Regards,

Customer Service
Dynu Systems, Inc.
Website: [6]

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