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Remove 30-day waiting period for TXT record creation

The 30-day waiting period is very problematic for people who have to use dns let’s encrypt challenge. Please remove it

February 13, 2021 AT 12:07

Hi; I don't think Dynu have any control over that. I think it's a restriction imposed by the actual registrars - Dynu is just a "middle-man". I've used Let's Encrypt exclusively for over a year, and it's entirely possible to get around this restriction by using the web-based ACME challenge. Almost all hosts will allow you to upload a verification file for this challenge. However; there is one area where these restrictions are very inconvenient - enabling DKIM on email services requires a TXT record and is impossible for 30 days, meaning any mail you send is going to land straight in anyone's spam box, if it's accepted at all.


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