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di pmucheke su venerdì 21 agosto 2020

I have an email hosting service where by i manage different domains for my clients, currently i'm using noip to host or manage dns records for all my clients, although i find noip limiting with the number of zones i can create for my client. Do you offer a similar service, if so kindly direct me to the page that details the service and pricing.

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di rahsharma su domenica 23 agosto 2020

You can transfer the domain name to Dynu. Any domain names which are with Dynu have all the features enabled in the dynamic DNS area which would allow you to create hundreds of zones, DNS records etc.

Alternately, you can purchase the membership which costs just $9.99/year and that would allow you to host DNS for several hundred zones.

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sabato 22 giugno 2024 12:13