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di crandon su sabato 10 febbraio 2018


I wonder how and if a domain I 'redirected' via a record like: "dyn.mydomain.tld NS ns1.dynu.com" to dynu for DDNS updates is protected. My current understanding is, that once the NS record has been activated at my domain DNS provider, basically anybody could register ddns record under the subdomain (and I'd likely I wouldn't even be able to kick out such registration/ddns updates without knowing the user/pass combo of the 'attacker'). Is there any way to bind a specific externally managed domain to a dynu account (other than moving the entire domain to dynu)?

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Post Re: ddns secutiry/own domain protection
di rahsharma su domenica 11 febbraio 2018

Our system does not allow any other user account other than yours to add sub-domains of your domain so no one can use your sub-domains other than you.

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sabato 22 giugno 2024 01:17