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di jlabrue su lunedì 17 agosto 2015

I have a Zywall USG20W that runs the same firmware as the Zywall USG50. There is an option to run Dynu Basic and Premium updates with this router however updates fail. It does not have the username option available and based on the notes attached to the configuration documents this is ok. Just needs the host name and password but they do not work. I can use another client that has the username option and the password work fine. Any ideas what is wrong? Thank you!

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Post Re: Will not update with Zywall
di timothytw su martedì 18 agosto 2015

The latest firmware has removed 'Username' field but that does not affect the IP update process. As long as you enter the correct 'Domain Name' and 'Password', IP address for your domain name will be updated.

If you have domain names like 'yourdomain.dynu.com', please use Dynu Basic option, if you have your own domain names like 'yourdomain.com', please use Dynu Premium option.

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