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di walterferryeqtqls su martedì 23 giugno 2015

Hi, great service as always! :)

Why was it removed on version 4.42?! This was so usefull!

May i report a bug here?
When i click on to choose witch NIC card to detect IP adress, or it closes down the client or it minimizes to the tray icon.

Add a redundancy too, to detect IP on another NIC if the original is not responding well, that would be awesome, i have two internet links on my firewall! :)

Thanks for all!

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Post Re: Why is the domain names gone on 4.42
di timothytw su martedì 23 giugno 2015

Thank you for choosing Dynu!

'Domain Names' tab was removed to simplify the setup process. You may have noticed in the control panel as well as in Dynu IUC v4.42 that 'Location' field is added. You may assign a location name to the domain name and aliases in the control panel and in Dynu IUC you simply need to enter username, password and location, then all the domain names and aliases with that location name will be updated.

We will forward the request about the NIC card to our developers who will implement it in the next release.

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