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di faizsandbox su martedì 17 luglio 2018

I have registered for:
Paid Membership
Domain Name
Domain Name Email (mynames@mydomainname.com)
Full Service Email
SMTP Outbound Relay.

I successfully setup the Thunderbird Client on my laptop with all my email account here. They all work fine. I mean Sending and receiving is all working fine and dandy.

My Problem is:
I have a WAMPServer setup on my Laptop and installed "OpenCart".
As with any website scripts, after the installation we have to setup the mail function, so that we new member sign up the admin receives the email and when the member contacts from the site the email comes to admin.

Now I am able to get all good results by using my gmail email address from my website admin area. Gmail Credentials are:-
SMTP Hostname: tls://smtp.gmail.com
SMTP Username: myname@gmail.com
SMTP Password: *********
SMTP Port: 587

But when i use Dynu Credentials
SMTP Hostname: relay.dynu.com
SMTP Username: relay@relay.mydomain.com
SMTP Password: **********
SMTP Port: 587

Emails dont work. I mean I dont get emails from website on member sign up or member contact page. and also give page error...some thing like Unable to connect to server etc etc etc.

I also tested the "Sendmail" script on the WAMPserver and entered the same Dynu credentials...No positive result.

I am wondering why is it with Dynu and Not with Gmail ?
Am I doing something wrong? If yes. Please help me solve this issue.

By the way i tested port 25 using the tool here it is blocked.

On my Router I have opened all the needed ports for the WAMPserver and Hmailserver and FTP server

Hmailserver did not help me so i uninstalled it.

Thank you

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