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di mjb2019 su domenica 21 maggio 2023

Hi support, Gmail MX record recently has changed. Old method is to add 5 MX dns record, which is according to this documentation:

which the MX dns is:


But now, Gmail MX setup has changed to this:

which the new MX dns points to address is just single line:


and I set my MX records value as follow:

Hostname: <blank>
Type: MX
Points to:
Priority: 1
TTL: 86400 (1 day)

but at Google Gmail activation, google system says my MX dns record does not match with the expected MX.

what could i missing?

according to some tips,. I am recommended to add a dot after the ".COM", so I try to do so. and DYNU DNS refuse me to do. If I add a dot behind the ".COM", such as:

*Notice there's a dot at the end

DYNU DNS page says it is an invalid host.

Any tips on how to fix this?

Google New Gmail Setup Cannot Detect my MX Record.pdf

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