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di Mathurin1968 su giovedì 5 settembre 2019

Can't add Name Server to ddns -
Following this tutorial
#Step 1 is fine...
Step 1

Log into control panel, go to Dynamic DNS Service Icon DDNS Services and click on your domain name.

#but there's no option in 'Control Panel' for Name servers
Step 2

Go to DNS Records Icon Name Servers to add an NS Record.
*this doesn't appear

Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Post Re: No option to add Name servers
di vesey su giovedì 12 settembre 2019

Do you have your own domain name or are you using Dynu's third-level free hostnames? You can only set up name servers if you use your own registered domain such as

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mercoledì 24 aprile 2024 09:35