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di ViccEB su giovedì 10 gennaio 2019

this is the email

do you know why they dont want to accept the nameservers?????

{Dear Vic Blatt (TheNooBlet),

This notification is generated automatically to provide you with information regarding the domain listed below:


You recently submitted a name server update using our Domain Management Tool.

Unfortunately the name server update failed:

Reason: Authoritative Nameserver failure for domain:

The above indicates that your domain is not setup / configured correctly on the nameservers that you provided.

Please contact your hosting provider to assist with the setup/configuration of a valid DNS zone file for your domain on their server/s.

Best Regards,

Register Domain SA (Pty) Ltd

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Post Re: Nameservers gets rejected by my domain
di rahsharma su giovedì 10 gennaio 2019

Here are the SOA queries against Dynu and the current name server:

Some registrars have a minimum value with regards to Negative TTL or Expire Interval which you can adjust in the Dynu control panel -> DDNS -> -> Zone Settings to have a higher value. This should allow you to use Dynu name servers with your registrar.

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martedì 18 giugno 2024 18:32