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di iliteo su sabato 11 dicembre 2021

Hi, thanks for this nice service which is very reliable.
I use it for years.
I have a problem with IPv6.
My router which runs the dyndns dynu service is old,
and supports only ipv4 query.
The method it uses is Basic Auth,
using 'Authorization' HTTP header. The Base 64 encoded string will contain a username:password combination.
The parameters in my router is
URL: /nic/update
Host: api.dynu.com
Port: 8245
and nothing else.
(except username:password in BasicAuth Header request, not in URL).
I have try to add manually (just for test) in the URL /nic/update?myipv6\=\xxxxxxxxx-someIPV6-xxxxxxxx
('='char gets me in trouble, its not accepted)
but it not leave me, it has limited space of characters in the URL.
Except this, seems its dont work in basic auth.
Can we have an *switch in Dynamic DNS Service panel which when is on, for old routers he supports both IPv4-IPv6 service updates, only gets the username:password combination of HTTP BaseAuth and gets both IPs only from the query.? (NO from URL)

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Post Re: IPv6 in old routers.
di iliteo su martedì 21 dicembre 2021

Well, after a little thought I will try to answer to my (silly) question.
I think it can not possible be done because there is no way to know dynu server the client's IPv6 address, unless the client sends the IPV6 address in URL, OR make a request via IPV6 protocol.
But, both ways is not possible in my router.

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venerdì 19 luglio 2024 06:17