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di ScottNeader su sabato 13 giugno 2020

Seems like a simple task, but cannot find the answer.

Created account at Dynu
Created some hostnames,, etc.
Installed the DUC on Ubuntu
Confused on configuring dynuiuc.conf

It requires my username and password, but there is no place to tell it which of my hostnames to update. I might have foobar on my laptop, but foobar2 at my house. Seems like a typical setup, but as it is, it is updating ALL of my hostnames. How can I tell it to just do foobar?

The sample configuration says "You can map hostnames to locations in the control panel" and I even found a document on Dynu's site that discusses the Location option under aliases BUT it's simply not there.

Any pointers appreciated.

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Post Re: How to update just one hostname
di timothytw su sabato 13 giugno 2020

You can assign different group names to the hostnames in the control panel. Then you can use the group/location name in the IP update client to update one particular host which belongs to that group.​

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martedì 23 luglio 2024 10:25