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di Gautham Manikka su mercoledì 17 maggio 2017

I need a clear guide to set up vanity nameservers. I am unable to set up them because the IP compare test fails everytime I try to set up the vanity nameservers.

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Post Re: Having issues with vanity nameservers
di timothytw su giovedì 18 maggio 2017

If your domain name is not registered with us, you need to first setup glue records for ns.yourdomain.com to point to the A records of ns.dynu.com.

ns1.yourdomain.com->A record of ns1.dynu.com
ns2.yourdomain.com-> A record of ns2.dynu.com
ns3.yourdomain.com->A record of ns3.dynu.com
ns4.yourdomain.com-> A record of ns4.dynu.com
ns5.yourdomain.com->A record of ns5.dynu.com
ns6.yourdomain.com-> A record of ns6.dynu.com

Then you need to add the A records for ns.yourdomain.com to the 'DNS Records' section in the control panel.

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mercoledì 21 ottobre 2020 18:34