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di crtechnicalservices su giovedì 29 agosto 2019


Is it possible to forward an incoming email on to multiple email accounts?

If so how do you do it?



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di vesey su giovedì 12 settembre 2019

There is a feature 'Rules' for full service email where you can set up a rule to forward emails to multiple recipients.

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Post Re: Full Service Email - multiple forwarding
di MTMHOA su sabato 1 febbraio 2020

If the "Catch All" method is not what you need, you can have any of your email accounts forward to multiple accounts. Here is one way to do it for multiple recipient-forwards:

1. Click on the email account from the Manage Email Accounts page. On the account details page, check the "use forwarding" box, then enter the email of the first address you want to forward to.

2. From the main Email Services tab, select the Rules icon. You will need to add one rule for each additional forwarding address.
-- Click the Add a Rule button
-- Select the email account you used in step 1 above
-- Name the rule (Alpha chars only, mixed case is OK but no digits or special chars)
-- Use the "Or" Match-Type selection, check the Enable box, then Save the rule. The next part is where you add an additional forwarding address
-- A new Criteria section opens up. Select "To" in the Field dropdown box; Select "Contains" in the "Search Type" box; then type in the same email account address
-- In the Action box, select the "Forward" option then add the next forwarding address for this account in the "To" box that appears.
-- If you want to add even more Forwarding addresses for this email, just use the "Add Action button.
-- Remember to Save the rule.

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