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di Filipe Leandro su giovedì 24 settembre 2015

Hello, I'm considering on aquiring your email services, however I have a few doubts:

With email forward service, do i have an SMTP server for outbound emails with my custom domain or with this service I can only redirect inbound emails from my domain to a third party email account?

With full email service, the 10GB limit is per user or for all accounts? Also, is there any outbound limit of emails/day or any other kind of limit?
What happens when the 10GB limit is reached?

Thanks for any help,

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di timothytw su venerdì 25 settembre 2015

Email forward service allows you to redirect inbound emails for your domain name to a third party email account.

10 GB is for all the accounts for your domain name. We do not set any outbound limit or any other sort of limit. If the 10 GB limit has been reached, we will send you a notification email so that you may delete emails with large attachments or deal with it accordingly.

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lunedì 29 maggio 2023 03:31