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di thelizardbloke0815 su martedì 24 novembre 2020


I just set up a store and forward account to send and receive e-mails from my home NAS box. The details are as follows:

Synology NAS server running DSM 6.2.3
Mail server is Synology MailPlus
Outgoing mail is being sent via Comcast and is working fine
Incoming mail is set via Dynu to be received on port 2525ISP is Xfinity (Comcast)
Firewall port 2525 is open and forwarded to the internal address of the mail server
MX records have been created with my domain naming service (NameSilo) and point at the STORE1 and STORE2 servers provided by Dynu
When I run the ETRN test from the Dynu site is says that it was unable to connect to my mailserver on port 2525.

I don't see this shown as being blocked by Comcast, so I'm wondering what else could be causing the issue?

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