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Post Dratek 2925n and DynuDNS not updating
di marcin666 su giovedì 2 dicembre 2021


I was running Dynu DDNS client on my Windows Server before and everything was fine.
Now that i configured my Draytek 2925 router with a Customised DNS update entry, it doesn't update.

I set a custom IP Update passwords first and then used it in the SERVICE API string.

I used the following details:

Provider Host: api.dynu.com
Service API: /nic/update?hostname=remote.f1-email.com&password=MY_IP_Update_Password
Auth Type: URL
Connection Type: i tried HTTPS and HTTP

Draytek log shows update as successful but the IP doesn't change. It's shown wrong.

Can you please help?

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Post Re: Dratek 2925n and DynuDNS not updating
di xiaoye su martedì 7 dicembre 2021

remote.f1-email.com looks to be a subdomain/alias created under the domain name f1-email.com. The URL to update an alias is:


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lunedì 15 aprile 2024 21:51