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di TDC222 su sabato 24 agosto 2019


I have created my and configured my DDNS service name.
When I connect to this it takes me the "site can not be reached" page.
I can connect remotely to my modem using the IP I supplied.
I have the DDNS IP Update client configured on my Win10 WS.
[2019-08-24 11:14:06 AM] Checking if IP update required.
[2019-08-24 11:14:14 AM] IP address update initiated.
[2019-08-24 11:14:15 AM] [Good]
[2019-08-24 11:14:15 AM] Current IPv4 Address:
[2019-08-24 11:14:15 AM] Current IPv6 Address: None

Any ideas why I can't connect?

I have the port forwarding set up correctly on my modem
PPTP TCP/UDP 1723 1723


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di xiaoye su sabato 24 agosto 2019

1. Check if the IPv4 address is indeed your IP. This is to ensure that the DNS mapping is working.
2. Check if port 1723 is reachable on your IP. This is to make sure your service is running on port 1723 and port forwarding is set up in your router/firewall.

You need to be using to access your site as the default port for http is port 80.

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giovedì 20 giugno 2024 15:34