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Provide Client feature for QNAP NAS devices

Synology has this feature which includes you in their dropdown in the ddns client app built into their nas. Hence, it would be nice for you to partner up with offering solution or collaborative partnership with QNAP to include yourself in the list for the DDNS Client which is pretty same way Synology has it. Other if not, provide documentation on how to setup with QNAP device since there is a Customizable DDNS section which could be setup as well so if it's possible, then I can assure you that there is other community members for QNAP who would like to see you being added for ease of use.

Timothy Wilkinson
November 8, 2018 AT 18:37

Thank you for your assistance. We have published an instruction page to set up Dynu's free dynamic DNS service in QNAP NAS at


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