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by alienkidmj12 on samedi 13 mai 2023

im trying to update my ip for domain the-bifrost.co.uk via curl, can someone give me an example, i dont understand what i need to do. i dont want to use the linux client.

i have my apikey, but not sure how to use.


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by Piethorne on vendredi 19 mai 2023

See: https://www.dynu.com/DynamicDNS/IPUpdateClient/cURL

You don't need the API key to force an update, although you would if you wanted to query the details of your domain.

In windows you'd open a command prompt and use the following to force an update.

curl.exe https://api.dynu.com/nic/update?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD

Your username and password can be plain text.

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