not sure how to get it working. not sure how to get it wo...

Topic: not sure how to get it working.

Post not sure how to get it working.
by massong on dimanche 13 août 2023

Hi Guys, I download the dynu app, installed it, logged in and it is updating my IP, but I don't know the hostname. i have tried as per the manual I read online, but this is not working.

Is there some way I can see my hostname or maybe it takes time to propegate through the network, I will leave it going all night and try it in the morning.

If that's not it, how do I define my hostname?


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Post Re: not sure how to get it working.
by timothytw on lundi 14 août 2023

You can find your hostname in the DDNS Services section of the control panel.

If you have more than 1 hostname in the account and need them to map to different IPs, you can assign them to different groups and log into the IP update client with that particular group to update the specific hostname.

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mardi 23 juillet 2024 20:36