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by yhits on mercredi 19 juin 2019

I have clients all over the place with a variety of OSes. I would like to use your Dynu.Client on multiple computers all utilizing different names (ie. updating dynamic IP1 updating ip address 2 and updating ip address 3 and so on.)

can you tell me if that is possible? or do I have to become a member for each and every single one?

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by thafrost on lundi 4 octobre 2021


I was searching for this also and found the next link.

Have not read it myself yet though

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by xiaoye on mardi 5 octobre 2021

You can assign different group names to the hostnames in the control panel. Then you can use the group name in the IP update client to update one particular host which belongs to that group. You only need a membership if you have over 4 hosts.​

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mardi 18 juin 2024 16:56