is Dynu DNS down? is Dynu DNS down?

Topic: is Dynu DNS down?

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by dragonkeyper on samedi 7 août 2021

I can connect to my server via the public IP address. But when try to connect using the domain name it fails to connect with browser displaying msg "can’t establish a connection to the server". According to my wife this been broken for a week now which is odd it has worked flawlessly for about 2 years. For grins i set up no-ip and dyndns and they resolve to my web sites with out issue. I submitted a support ticket 8hrs ago but so far all i have gotten back is the standard "THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING US WE WILL GET TO YOU AS SOON AS WE CAN" does Dynudns provide support on weekends. I can seem to find anything that informs me of that information.

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Post Re: is Dynu DNS down?
by timothytw on dimanche 8 août 2021

All services are up and running. Please check the Support Tickets area for updates to your support request.

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