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by danikuku on mercredi 29 mai 2019


I am trying to setup my Huawei HG8245H router for DDNS with the settings (user name, pass etc) obtained from your website, but it keeps giving me authentication error (wrong password or username) as you can see in the photo attached. This model of Huawaei as far as I double checked is supported with your settings.

I installed also the dynu client on a Windows 10 system and seems to be working.

Any assistance maybe, please?

Thank you

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by anthonywebuser on samedi 1 juin 2019

Service Provider: dyndns-custom
Host Name:
Server port: 8245 or 80
Domain Name: If you have a Dynu subdomain, enter If you have your own domain name, use
User name: your Dynu username
Password: your Dynu password, IP update password or MD5/SHA256 encrypted password

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