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by janimal on jeudi 17 mars 2022

I have two subdomains defined on my local dev server under my base dynamic domain
when it is switched off I redirect the dynamic domain name to my primary web site hosted elsewhere

However subdomains are not redirecting.
So I tried adding my fully qualified subdomain as a redirect, but the redirect entry gets transformed into

The help icon next to Node Name on the redirect panel says only put in the prefix & leave blank for primary domain, however any attempt to do that results in a form error "Please specify a valid URL"

I am confused!

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by janimal on jeudi 17 mars 2022

while waiting for a response I deleted the redirects & tried again, twice. The second time it worked correctly allowing me to enter just a node & not duplicating the base-domain after the subdomain.

Very weird!

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mardi 6 décembre 2022 06:50