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by matyhaty on lundi 16 juillet 2018


Im just getting going with your service and looking at a bigger rollout
One thing, using the (excelling) Dynu Client (Windows) to keep polling and the ip updates is awesome, but if i have mult hostings it updates all of them

How can I tell the client only to update one (e.g. placeA.dynu.net) and not another (placeB.dynu.net) etc


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Post Re: Updating multi hosts
by emailtester on vendredi 3 août 2018

You can use the 'Location' feature. First assign your hostnames a location name in the control panel, then use the location name in the 'Settings' tab of the Windows client.

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Post Re: Updating multi hosts
by spadgett73 on mardi 11 mai 2021


As of May 2021 here is how you do it now:

    1. Log in to your Control Panel on the dynu website.
    2. Click the DDNS Services icon.
    3. Click one of the domains (it really doesn't matter which one).
    4. Click the Groups icon (over on the right).
    5. Type a Group name in the box (it can be anything: "Home", "Work", "NoWhere", etc.).
    6. Click the Add button.
    7. Click the newly created group at the bottom.
    8. Move the domains that you DO want updated to the box on the Right.
    9. Leave the domains you do NOT want updated in the box on the Left.
    10. Click Save.
    11. Now Open the Windows client on whatever Computer it is installed on.
    12. If you are already logged in, log out of the client.
    13. On the Login screen of the client is a box you can type in the Group name you created in step 5.
    14. Log back into the client.

It should now only update the domains you have assigned to the group.

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