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by voquangphu on mercredi 17 janvier 2018


Since my ISP has started to support IPv6, I wanted to use IPv6 for my domain as well as IPv4. I'm currently using ddclient (version 3.8.3) to update Dynu record with IP address taken from http://checkip.dynu.com.
From IP update history, I can see that ddclient update record using the following request format:
It is written in "IP update protocol" section that if myipv6 parameter is not sent as part of the request, the API server will NOT be able to update the IPv6 address and will only update IPv4 address for the hostname, but IP update history shows that somehow both IPv4 and IPv6 has been updated when my router allows both IPv4 and IPv6. Is it possible that Dynu update protocol has been changed to allow both IPs to be updated at the same time given only IPv4 as request parameter?

Thank you for answering my question, I'm curious :)

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