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by nyoman on dimanche 14 mai 2017

Hello all

Nice to find alternate of dyndns.
I just register new FREE user, and try to update on Mikrotik, all seem good, the ip has been update properly.

Now, i try to add my own domain, and add new hostname
add new record for mikrotik.myowndomain.net IP

Here is the mikrotik log
13:25:25 script,info Dynu: IP-Dynu =
13:25:25 script,info Dynu: IP-Fresh = 180.249.xx.yy
13:25:25 script,info Dynu: Update IP needed, Sending UPDATE...!
13:25:25 info fetch: file "Dynu.mikrotik.myowndomain.net" downloaded
13:25:27 script,info Dynu: IP updated to 180.249.xx.yy!

But, the IP not updated at all.
Is this because my ID is FREE version ??


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Post Re: Dynamic IP on own domain
by xiaoye on lundi 15 mai 2017

You can use your own domain name for dynamic DNS service for free. If you have just changed the name servers for your domain name to ours, it may take sometime for the name server changes to propagate.

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Post Re: Dynamic IP on own domain
by nyoman on lundi 15 mai 2017

Thanks xiaoye

It is not NS issue, domain already propagate.
When i try using a browser, IP was update
i got
I think there is need some tune on the mikrotik scripting for own domain. I know this when i make some modification. But my programing is not good

:global str "/nic/update?hostname=$ddnshost&myip=$ipfresh"

:global str "/nic/update?hostname=$ddnshost&alias=mikrotik&myip=$ipfresh"

And on top,
:global ddnshost "myowndomain.net"
It is not updated when i use :global ddnshost "mikrotik.myowndomain.net"



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