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by IlluminateP2 on mercredi 9 juin 2021

I registered a domain lets say foo.com and two hostnames say bar-01 and bar-02.
I've configured dynuiuc.conf with the equivalent of this

username usernamefoo
password passwordfoo
ipv4 true
ipv6 true
pollinterval 120
protocol dyndns2
server api.dynu.com
debug true
quiet false

tail -f /var/log/dynuiuc.log gives me
current IP address nn.mm.pp.qq and status code Good

bar-01 and bar-02 are not configured to suspend.
So my issue is that
bar-01 is updating the DNS record panel bar-02 is not or only one is active any given time in the DNS display panel, typically the one I’ve last touched.

both bar-01 and bar-02 are behind LTE routers and my next step will be to change to the routers doing Dynu updates instead of bar-01 and bar-02

Can you suggest anything else that might be wrong particularly in the DNS setting in the panel.

Thanks in Advance

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