DDNS issue on IP camera DDNS issue on IP camera

Topic: DDNS issue on IP camera

by Quovadisuk on mardi 7 novembre 2017

Hi Folks Newbie here , from what I understand Storage options no longer exist , so a little in the dark for support ... Set up the camera as per the CD and have the registration codes to set up the software so no issues there .. Software comes with camera finder ... and camera installation tool wizard , which I have followed , and successfully found the camera on the software and can ping and see myself on the camera through the internal address , so no issues of connectivity .... The problem is when I go to check DDNS .. and although the camera checks out ok but get underneath ...

Obtaining DDNS registration status ...
Error: unknown error

Now I think this may be because the server no longer exists ( although search suggests it is ie user.ipcam.hk ) anyway tried to create a new server address , and change the camera to this , but again ..no go ...

any idea how I can move on from here please ... I confess to not being an expert so any basic help would be appreciated ... I have by the way checked the port on the router with port checker and it says its open ... where am I going wrong ???

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