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by HicksHaven on samedi 27 février 2021


I'm looking to do something specific with Dynamic DNS and would like to confirm if what I'm trying to accomplish can be done with your service and if there are additional service, beyond those I already have, that need to be purchased...

I want to have a single DNS name that allows me to "fail over" from a primary IP to a secondary IP, but only in the event our primary link goes down. The primary link has a static IP and the secondary link has a dynamic IP.

So I would need Dynu DNS to provide only the primary, static, IP and monitor it (preferably by TCP port but ping might work as well) and, in the event it goes offline, provide the dynamic IP for that same DNS name... Is this setup possible?


Primary IP (static) =
Secondary (dynamic) = (may change periodicly)
DNS name =

If an internet host looks up they should always receive (not both IPs or round-robin) -- UNLESS id offline in which case DNS should return (or whatever the dynamic IP has been updated to)...

I'm not sure how to set this up or if it is possible.

I'm also unclear on the 'membership' option... I have a domain registered with Dynu and am already paying for both Email Store/Forward and Relay... Does that not make me a member? Do I need to pay for 'membership' to do what I'm asking for? Is there another feature I need to purchase?

Please Advise.


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