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Topic: Adding the Dynu API to dns-lexicon (Python package)

Post Adding the Dynu API to dns-lexicon (Python package)
by herrfolgreich on 11 November 2019


I'm currently in the process of developing a plugin for dns-lexicon that uses the API to change DNS entries.

While testing, I ran into rate limiting issues but haven't found anything about that in the API Docs or here on the forums.

So my question is whether there are more details available on the shape of the rate limiting,
and if there's some kind of sandbox available for testing I haven't heard of yet.

I hope that in the future the famous certbot will change their API to make easy use of dns-lexicon, and with that, even simpler use of requesting DNS-01-based certificates for domains. Until then, with the addition of dynu to dns-lexicon, this is already easier than writing custom scripts.

Best and thanks for your help,

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