Release of new IP update client Release of new IP update ...

Release of new IP update client


We have released a new build of Dynu IP Update Client for Windows, which makes it version 4.43. From Dynu Premium, Dynu Basic to version 4.43 of Dynu IUC, we have come a long way but what has never changed is our focus on user experience. This version of IUC made several improvements that will simplify IP update process for your hostnames.

New Release

Popup warning for wrong 'Location' name

We are always connected to our customers and listen to their feedbacks to make our services better. Many new users that are not familiar with the 'Location' feature are entering their physical locations for the 'Location' field, which is causing the client to give a 'bad auth' error. The new version of client will check if the 'Location' name you have entered exist in your account or not and give you a warning to leave it empty if it is an invalid 'Location' name.

IUC documentation

Our IUC is packed with advanced features and does more than just updating your IP addresses. We are providing detailed documentation on how to configure and use the client software to exploit its full potential. If you need guidance to get started, the documentation page is where you should be heading.

System service that runs in the background

If you have configured the client software in such a way that you do not need to make many changes, you can set it up to run as a system service. Once set as a system service, you do not need to turn on the client software any more, not even when you restart your computer. It will run quietly in the background as soon as your computer starts and keep your hostname mapped to the most current IP.

You may refer to the documentation page for more information. You are most welcome to leave a feedback if you have any suggestions or comments!

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