abuse by usage off SSL by major vendors "war " since 2016 abuse by usage off SSL by...

Topic: abuse by usage off SSL by major vendors "war " since 2016

Post abuse by usage off SSL by major vendors "war " since 2016
by futuredyn on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

As I run a ICT company I'm deeply involved on any IT related subject. My core is total integration off mission critical systems, since last year I knew lot was going the wrong side. Especialy the fact browsers and cloud. As this is no invention, I particular target the "Don"t think just play" method, as this is a security nightmare. Worst off all is fact that the hardware industry imploded , which gave a huge impact on OEM licenses for MS windows, as the company started with updates and made all EULA licenses obsolete and force to be online , for servers this is a nightmare a feared , and my fear came out as it uses UDP for the SSL connections, sadly this is a so easy to clone physical interfaces into virtual as result every device inside the LAN is a potential atacker. , after violating my 2 A level domains .be , on a static IP they use amazon as bypass meaning all devices do regular slb checks, so no WAN connect after 7 days a forced reboot occurs, TCP 80 is an open stream and by usage off ip6 sssl UdP I lost controll and data, as my question is hw can we take back controll off our systems, as a public IP is binded on a country A extension level A , my research resulted in shocking results, if any has same issue please react as my resolution is by giving every device a dns suffix pointing to the A level domain. as a workgroup uses mshome.net for joing MS domain smae is for AD usage, most use the AD with .local , this is for the IP loopback an inside criminal hijack, give an extension from country based like .be and it can't hijack as it needs passing the master dns , as soon this integrates on massive scale the exploit "I hope" will bring the ghost IP located in Dublin, thinking being untouchable into a true and proven major abuse , as a ddns is a great feature , today every user is online so dhcp is for companys definitly no option , dyn dns gives much possibilitys as I can bind my A domains all in one big domain, by switching the IP binding to several A levels the LAN becomes protected by dns itself, as mshome.net was an inside solution fornetbios in a workgroup , the workgroup binding in the domain becomes a difficult "crime" as a .be,.nl,.fr won't join a .net forrest, I have never seen such industry "crime" , I lost only in money over 150 000 $ , and clients that avergae have 150 billion turnover came in huge disaster failure. as an SSL is a VPN using layer3 , lot's aren't even capapble resolving the latence , As test a made the loopback into a real host , I suggest try out same on a single pc and see what happens , in attachment the ptr i changed in router so the domains listed are all involved, is cloudflare , an SSL provider , so as alternative , is google.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018 4:51 AM